Workshop “Improvisation and Freedom in Tango”

Space to improvise and feel free & creative in tango

We will work with the combination of tango and contactimprovisation

Summerdaze-Workshop “Improvisation and Freedom in Tango”

For all tango-dancers even if you haven’t done any contactimprovisation

Friday the 24th of August 13.30 – 15.30 by Enrique and Martina

The workshop will be 1,5 hour with an extra 30 minutes to dance and explore
We will gonna have a lot of fun together, feel welcome!
Maximum 26 participants, so be on time.
You can come with a partner but it is not necessary
Take a pair of socks with you, give your feet a bit of rest …
Price: € 20

Just come to StudioTangible at:

van Welderenstraat 113, Nijmegen
More information: 0031-614109948